Micro & Small Business Tech Support

Building A New Company?


Building a new company requires a person to take on aspects of business growth and development that just aren't part of their strengths. A solid design and basic infrastructure can help a company scale without skipping a beat. 

EAW Tech has a passion for the small companies that need help with the first steps. Reach out to our IT specialists and they will assess your company's current situation and work with you to roadmap a logical series of solutions, that keep pace with your potential growth.

EAW Tech will not charge you for an initial conversation. Together, let's ensure you have a viable plan with your IT, that meets scalability, security and compliance. 


Security and Accessibility


There is a precarious balance to ensuring network security and enabling network accessibility. The solution must be based on understanding the standards that your company is held to and having the confidence to guarantee that standard to those your company serves.

EAW Tech Engineers will take the time to explain the many methods and standards that you may or may not be familiar with.  A security network that sacrifices the ability to complete work is as equally useless as an open network that exposes itself to compromise in the name of user accessibility. 

Talk to our team and we can design and implement a solution that works for your company.


Moving Towards Cloud Solutions


The "cloud" has become a blanket  recommendation to many IT situations, but not each company can identify its specific IT problems and how "the cloud" applies as an applicable solution.

Whether you are a new company, trying to figure out how "cloud solutions" play into your corporate design or a legacy company that is trying to figure out how to securely migrate all or some of your IT infrastructure, consider talking to our staff. 

EAW Tech has been involved with designing, implementing and maintaining cloud solutions for over 4 years. Whether it is a single server migration, a hybrid secure environment or completely cloud managed design, our team will take the time to educate you on what cloud architecture fits best your situation.


Limited Budget Vs. IT Results


Each company experiences the challenge of balancing cost of IT and the return on investment. The correlation is not always clear. Is this the right product? Is this the right time? Does this investment remedy the immediate issues and still consider the long term goals of the company?

EAW Tech understands that an investment in technology is only as good as its adoption in the work environment and how it delivers on the expected capabilities.  

Our team will work with management to not only recommend the best solution, but also commit to seeing your tean through to the expected end result.


Genuine IT Partner



Business Partnerships are not easily earned and require constant support. The management of EAW Tech believes that each business relationship has the potential of reciprocity in growth. You will not only receive the best of from our team in IT, but our invested interest in your company will be represented in all interactions from EAW Tech.

We will always commit to representing and recommending the solutions that best fit your company’s circumstances. Our team is not only there to just fix the immediate problem, but to be part of the long-term solutions.