About EAW Tech, LLC.



EAW Tech, LLC. is founded on the direct experiences of the owner. With over 12 years of active; designing, implementing and supporting various complex network designs in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) model, EAW Tech is committed to creating a tailored IT support solution that fits the needs of each client.

Legacy is not limited to technical know-how. EAW Tech has a legacy of business integrity and customer care. Legacy remains important to EAW Tech and having the IT Knowledge-base, Business Integrity and Customer Care are priorities EVERYDAY.



Information Technology (IT) Consulting is a combination of having abroad general knowledge of technology and knowing how to apply that knowledge-base to the specific situation. EAW Tech's mission is to provide IT support with a two pronged approach.


1. The Client should be well informed about the options available. The best foundation for Confidence, is a solid understanding of where you stand and what options are available.

2. Any IT solution must solve the immediate issues and concerns. It must also be part of a larger vision; in line with the long-term path of the client and their company.



EAW Tech, LLC. will be committed to the success and satisfaction of each of our clients. 

We treat each clients with the intention of being part of a long term relationship.