Residential Support

Upgrading to "Smart" Home


Whether you are building a new home or upgrading your existing home, having a "smart" home plan of action is important. 

Security Cameras, Smart Thermostats, Proximity Sensors and AI Hubs all have to be compatible and connected. 

EAW Tech has the resources and the know-how to recommend the solution that is inline with the clients vision, complete the install with certified technicians, and guide the end-user on optimal use of their investment.


Telecommuting Solutions


Do you need to create a designated workspace in your home? Are you unsure what dock station solution may work best for you PC? Do you need to assure your employer that you have a reliable connection?

EAW Tech is familiar with most major brands and system models. If you need help with wiring, connectivity or workstation layout, We will be happy to review your situation, make recommendations and implement a clean design that you are happy with.


Slow Home Network


Are you frustrated with your internet speed? Do you feel like the devices at home still under perform even after buying the increased bandwidth from your ISP? Do you need that reliable connection to work from home?

A solution is always available. We will balance a comprehensive solution with a reasonable standard of cost. Perhaps you need additional network 

EAW Tech can schedule an onsite evaluation of your home at a time that is convenient to you. We will create a list of recommendations and submit a quote for you to review and approve. 


Need to Monitor and Limit Device or User Access?


You need may be to assure that there are no rogue devices collecting information on your home network, or you may just want to know the who, what, where and when of internet use in you home. 

EAW Tech can design and train you on how to monitor and account for all activity in your home network. 

Additionally, EAW Tech can develop a monthly plan, where our team completes the audit and reports activity.