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3rd Party IT Discovery

IT Discovery services

IT Discovery services can be required or needed for multiple reasons.

It could be for a critical efficiency examination of the current physical and digital infrastructure. It may be required to validate the security standards of a data protection policy. Finally, you may need an IT Discovery service to validate compliance with industry standards such as HIPAA, SOX, GDPR or PCI-DSS.

Our team can coordinate with your administrative team to complete an IT Discovery with the appropriate level of discretion and professionalism that these levels of compliance expect.

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Supplemental Project Support


One of the limits of an in-house tech team, is that this may be the first time implementing or upgrading to the latest application, appliance or service. 

This does not mean you have a subpar IT team, but bringing in a supplemental project manager to assist with the many facets of any upgrade, can be pivotal to the satisfaction of the end-users. 

EAW Tech is always happy to work with your IT Team to manage the expectations of service and support during the install & upgrade process, coordinate and schedule essential resources, and work to communicate to all levels of the company, from end-user to Administration.


Team Training



EAW Tech balances the training of both the technical competence and essential soft skills for our technicians. We can do the same for your team!

Even the best IT Technicians can slip into the problem of a limited vision for a sound technical design in a work environment, at the cost of disruption to the end-user workflows and processes. If your end-users can't do their job with a level of efficiency, the IT solution is incomplete.

Our team can refine the communication amongst the differing branches of you company and restore trust in the IT team you have invested in.

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